Referral Program

At Fast Loans Canada, we offer a wonderful referral program that you can take part in. We believe that you can show us how much you love us by entrusting us to help your friends and family with all of their needs. A word of mouth referral means a lot to us and because of that, we want to provide you with rewards when you do refer us to other people.

Fast Loans Canada is able to help all people with their loan needs and we can provide your friends, family, and even neighbors with the loans and money they need to meet their financial obligations.

Our Referral Program

When you refer someone to us, you will directly benefit from that referral. In fact, we offer monetary rewards that you can use towards paying off your loan or you can simply cash out the reward and use the money to pay for something that you have always wanted.

When you refer one of your friends or family members to us, we will offer you a $50 to $100 reward when your friend or family members takes out a loan with us.

We are able to meet your needs and the needs of your referral with ease. We offer loans from $500 up to $15,000. We also accept all types of income to include government subsidies, unemployment, disability, maternity leave, and more.

Contact Our Office Now

If you would like to learn more about our referral program, please contact Fast Loans Canada now. We will go over all of the information with you and let you know the types of rewards that we do offer.

If you are interested in fast loans in Canada or you want to obtain quick loans in Canada, schedule an appointment with one of our team members today.

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